As homeowners, we know from experience how difficult it is to entrust the care of your home to others.
We are committed to freeing you from all concerns and obligations that come with taking care of or renting out a property abroad.
We are committed to being your trusted team and aim to provide the serenity, profitability, and peace of mind that you are entitled to.
Deluxe Ocean Property provides a professional team, devoted to the management and maintenance of your home during your absence, 365 days a year.

Closing and Wintering:
As soon as you leave, the following measures will be taken :
Storage of furniture and all outdoor accessories,
Cleaning and laundry checks,
Disconnecting unnecessary power supplies and water meter,
Security verifications (Alarm, video surveillance, etc.),
Protecting your vehicle,
Locking of all accesses (doors, windows, gates, etc.)

Key custody:
We take responsibility for the keys you entrust to us. They are numbered and stored in a safe.
With your permission, they can be made available to a third party.

Mail and Packages:
We ensure mail and parcel management in your absence :
Mailbox or P.O. Box pick-up
Mail sorting
Receiving of parcels
Forwarding or mailing by email after scanning the content. Mail will only be opened with your consent.

Because pets are an integral part of the family, we provide walking services for your little companions during your absence.
We take care of them daily by feeding them, giving them water and medical treatment, if need be.
We can make appointments, and even accompany them to the vet.

Exterior visit:
Even if your garden is taken care of by gardeners, we carry out checks. We check plantations, as well as possible damages and degradations. We check openings such as gates, doors and fences.
We carry out a visual inspection of swimming pools and ponds.
We check garages, sheds and cellars.

Interior visit:
The Algarve is hot in the summer, but the nearby presence of the ocean can bring hu midity during the winter. This can cause great damage if your interior is not carefully inspected regularly.
We check for humidity, moulds, seepage and possible leaks.
We check openings : windows, shutters, roof windows.
We water the plants.
We carry out ventilation of the rooms.

Consumption statement:
We regularly read water and electricity meters. The goal here is to detect and stop possible leaks, which can prove very costly if not taken care of in time.

Welcome service:
When you return from a period of absence of over a month, we make sure to welcome you properly. For you, the vacation begins as soon as you put your key in the lock. We make sure the house is ready.
We clean the outdoor furniture.
We turn on the heating or air conditioning one day before your arrival. We ventilate the rooms.
We check household items and beddings.
Give us a budget, a list of your favorite products and our team will take care of it for you.

It is not always easy to manage and control workmen from a distance, especially in a foreign country. We will be there to support you in the following tasks: Search for trusted workmen,
Analysis of quotations,
Welcome of the workmen,
Monitoring of their work.
We will give you regular reports, accompanied by photos of the progress, as well as the final result of the work.

Contact us via the form so we can offer a personalized quotation that will be calculated based on the number of monthly visits, interior and exterior areas and the options chosen. After acceptance of the offer, we will draw up a contract, containing a list of our commitments to you. All our partners have a legal activity declared to the Portuguese authorities.

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